Leveraging an enlarged experience in all sectors of dental radiology, including panoramic and 3D cone beam technologies, Villa S.M. includes in its product portfolio the Videograph, a hi-tech intraoral sensor available in two different models: regular and HD.

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The easy solutions for your intraoral diagnosis

Even in the entry-level version, Videograph permits to obtain superior image quality thanks to the th. resolution of 25 lp/mm, allowing to properly detect any district of patient's mouth: its use is therefore particularly appropriate for all General Dentistry applications, such as caries detection. On the other hand, for all applications requiring high detail visibility, Videograph HD goes a step further in image definition, thanks to the Caesium Iodide technology of its scintillator screen: the top level value of the Contrast Transfer Function makes the most of the sensor's technology, making it an ideal tool for Endodontics or Implantology. On both models of sensor, our powerful imaging software, delivered as standard, is able to optimize the quality of the acquired images, thanks to accurate processing tools and filters for image enhancement.

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Comfort and patient care

As long as we care for your patients, comfort is granted by the rounded sensor's corners, while safety is achieved thanks to the single-use protective sheaths and to the sensor's capacity to be disinfected by immersion.

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Designed for all generators

Any Videograph sensor features direct USB connection, without any intermediate electronic box, to maximize user friendliness. Its technology permits to work promptly with our Endograph DC intraoral generators, as well as with any other type of X-ray unit, also from other manufacturers.