Special application in the industrial field

The OPTIMAX® 2010 NDT is an x-ray film processor especially optimized for the development of industrial films. By applying appropriate films and chemicals designated for industrial applications, it ensures size independent optimum image quality.

Outstanding quality including all accessories

High product reliability is given due to the fact that we only install components of excellent quality in our machines combined with the one-piece base. Of course, all of our x-ray processors are supplied with a complete set of accessories, such as e.g. light protection cover, replenishment containers and connecting hoses.

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Best images and high economic efficiency

A micro-sensor measures the film size which enables an intelligent and economically efficient replenishment depending on the processed film size. Consequently, the processors save chemicals and supply images of continuously high quality. In addition, the integrated save mode in stand-by operation decreases your water and power consumption.

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