Medical Grade oxygen concentrator - D-LYF-10

D-LYF-10 is a 10 L Medical Grade oxygen concentrator that extracts oxygen from atmospheric air.It comprises of an electrically-powered molecular sieve used to separate nitrogen from ambient air.
Introduced in this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the concentrator works as a perfect source of 93% (+/ - 3) oxygen in times of respiratory emergencies.General usage by individuals will help in
everyday life ( better sleep cycles, less fatigue, etc.) making it a NECESSITY in every household as well.The uses are endless: All kinds of hospitals, clinics, Mild-severe Asthmatic patients,health
centers and family nursing homes,Senior citizens, students, etc. The manual provided along with the device is self- explanatory, hence, the product does not require any formal training to operate.
( it is a plug and play device).Unlike all other concentrators, D-LYF-10 is a unique stationary and ULTRA SILENT concentrator with a heavy duty motor than can run seamlessly for 24 hours.

      Featurs D-LYF-10

    • The D-LYF-10 reduces operating costs with a design.
    • Lightweight - only 23 kgs.
    • Smaller and sleeker.
    • Easy to store and transport
    • Simpler for patients to use and maintain.
    • Low Maintenance.

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