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In the new range of intra-oral X-ray units Endos, everything has been designed to maximize the operating efficiency and allow you to concentrate on diagnosis and treatment, rather than on the procedure to get the radiographic image. Endos AC and ACP incorporate advanced self-diagnostics that prevent and signal every operation anomaly. A special safety device eliminates the risk of unwanted exposures, inhibiting the X-ray pushbutton when the unit is not in use.

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Grid Tube Technology

The new grid tube improves the quality of the emitted radiation increasing the accuracy of exposure parameters and reducing the so-called "soft radiation" which doesn't contribute to image production, yet it's harmful for the patient. Thanks to a smart software algorithm, the system automatically compensates the mains voltage fluctuations guaranteeing the best stability in film darkening.

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Endos AC: the essential unit

While employing the same advanced technology of Endos ACP, Endos AC is based on the classic manual selection of exposure times. Endos AC is compatible with all the digital sensors currently on the market. For those that prefer a no-frills unit, Endos AC is the best tradeoff between performance and budget.

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Endos ACP: optimized parameters

The sophisticated timer of Endos ACP allows to select the best exposure parameters using pre-programmed anatomic techniques. The choice of the diagnostic target is easily achieved in two quick steps: selection of the patient's size among the three available and selection of the dentition area to be examined. At the touch of a key you can also switch to a specific modality which optimizes the exposure times for use with any digital acquisition system.

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Aluminium arm

Even the finest details in the whole aluminium arm have been carefully designed so that you will appreciate for years the quality of Endos units. The lightness of positioning perfectly goes along with stability, always with the goal of giving you the best effectiveness in everyday use.

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Quality of details

To adapt to every installation condition, Endos AC and ACP can be configured with an ergonomic remote X-ray pushbutton that allows you to start the exposure outside the examination room. The mobile version will give the maximum positioning freedom. The coiled cord (extensible to 3m) has been realized to keep its shape and withstand for years the high strains applied daily. All the materials have glossy finish and have been studied to be easily and quickly cleaned to protect the hygiene of your working environment, and to last for years.